The Future World Soundtrack Series

A nine-part series of double-disc albums showcasing the musical history of Epcot’s Future World pavilions, the Future World Soundtrack Series (FWSS) is (and was) conceived as a professional-level anthology of recordings in both presentation and audio quality. To be completed by 2016, each release required the creation (and/or customization) of multiple assets that are (in order of appearance)… 

1. Teaser Poster

Heralding each upcoming release, the “Epcot Clef” is customized each time to abstractly represent the pavilion’s theme. The image itself is intentionally displayed larger than the screen and specifically designed to take advantage of below-the-fold principle with the viewer “reading” the teaser from top to bottom for dramatic effect.

2. Cover Art

Each cover features a consistent style of chrome/sliver text and postcard-like image of the featured pavilion’s exterior architecture. Each image is enhanced with “Robert McCall-esque” flares and cloudscapes.

Please visit the Photo Enhancement  section for before & after demonstrations of each “postcard” in the series.

3. Inside Cover Art

Each release includes the creation of Pavilion Line Art and (often) recreations of pavilion logos and/or attraction marquees that are displayed in a historical-referenced color scheme,  signature neon-glow and thematically appropriate treatment.

4. Disc Images

Represented here is the cover art for “Disc 1” of each album that feature iconic “fantasy” photo of the pavilion’s interior that are tinted to reflect a corresponding color scheme.

The “fantasy element” is discussed in the photo enhancement section of the portfolio.

5. ID3 Tags

Each track of the FWSS, features an embedded “ID3 Tag” with fully researched copyright, artist(s), and year information including customized album art specifically designed for small-scale display.


Lastly, (and not cover here) is the inclusion of copious Liner Notes that describe the visual context of each track that often reveals the philosophy behind the presentation of the album’s release.

For more information or to download the series please visit E82’s Music section.


All music in the FWSS (although substantially enhanced from the originals) was compiled from freely available sources found on/in multiple sites and is strictly intended for historical/educational purposes only.