HORIZONS A Musical Tribute

by George Wilkins

Easily one of the most complex and varied attractions ever created, Horizons featured a score equally as intricate as its subject matter. From the iconic melodies of Futureport, to the intense underscore for Omnisphere, Horizons featured songs and arrangements that encompassed a wide range of dramatic states. The playful arrangements of “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”; the kitschy tunes of the 50’s; the upbeat electronically-driven tremolos of Nova Cite; the pastoral arrangement for the farms of Mesa Verde; the dreamlike strains of Sea Castle; the powerful chords of Brava Centauri and the exciting expressions of the “Choose Your Tomorrow” finale all adding up to a transcendently diverse musical experience that was as awe-inspiring as it was optimistic.

CENTURY 3 — The Legacy of Horizons

More than 20 years since its departure, Horizons, as unbelievable as it sounds, is more popular than ever. The pavilion is constantly celebrated through countless tributes in both the physical and digital worlds. A seemingly miraculous phenomenon that only serves to support the widely held theory that it may have been the greatest attraction ever created.

Horizons does, in fact, live on in the hearts and minds of patrons and its optimistic vision continues to serve as inspiration for innovators of today.

Century 3, explores several cinematic endeavors that have captured the spirit of Horizons and its proactively positive message — “If We Can Dream It We Can Do It!”