Retro Disney World Podcast — Theme Music

Graphics  by  How Bowers

Graphics  by How Bowers

In late 2014, I received an email from one of the founders of asking if I would be okay with a new podcast using a segment of my E82 Overture — “Voices of Tomorrow” ” for they’re Logo/Theme Music.
However, considering the majority of their topics would not be Epcot centered I suggested it would be far more appropriate to create a new composition that incorporated more of Walt Disney World’s history into the mix.

Album Art  by   How Bowers

Album Art  by How Bowers


For this arrangement, I felt it was most import to showcase the resort in its early days, without referencing individual attractions. Although significant to the history of Walt Disney World, classic attractions like “The Haunted Mansion”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” & “it’s a small world” have achieved a certain timelessness and therefore do not convey the anachronistic qualities needed for a Retro Podcast.
Additionally, no references to the Disney-MGM Studios would be included as it is too “young” to have achieved Retro status.


Before work began, I adapted a Graphic Design approach and constructed an audio “mood board” to convey the tone and direction I wanted to express with the logo. The follow is the original 10-minute compilation with my original notes and sources.

Fly Eastern Theme

I don’t think this will make it into the logo however, this might make for a great “overture” for your very first podcast in that listeners will journey to “Retro Disney World” on it’s first official airline.

Main Entrance Medley/Fanfare

As the first track on the original 1971 Main Entrance Complex (now TTC) this (theoretically) could have been the very first piece of music the guests might have heard on opening day.

The Magic of Walt Disney World

The Overture to the “World’s” first promotional film in 1972 (release with Snowball Express) and is now believed to be the WDW equivalent of the seminal Disneyland USA film from 1956.

Grand Opening of Walt Disney World – Incidental

A piece of isolated music from the TV Special

If You Had Wings – Terminal & Speed Room

I know I said no specific attractions but you don’t get more “Retro” than this attraction

Space Mountain – RCA Speed Ramp

Again, a “rule breaker” but a great piece of 70’s Sugar Pop.

Mickey Mouse Revue – Finale

Okay, rules are made to broken, again a great period cue, and this is just a mood board  

Donald’s 50th Birthday Theme

Segway into the 80’s with this great Intro to the still well known parade.

We’ve Just Begun to Dream – Various Versions

The Official EPCOT Center fanfare, and a great note to end things on. Plus, I could easily tweak this for the fade into your “Welcome…” announcer.


The finished logo is combination of several themes from the opening of the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center respectively interspersed with historical narration.


Peter Renaday
1971 “If You Had Wings” Demo Recording

Jack Wagner
1972 WDW Monorail System Narration Spiel

Walt Disney
1966 “The EPCOT Film”

Andre Gardner
2014 Intro to Retro Disney World Podcast


“The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World” — Billy Barnes

  • Fanfare
  • Bay Lake/ Contemporary Interstitial

“We Just Begun to Dream” AKA EPCOT Center Fanfare — Steve Skorija         

  • 1993 New Year's Eve Version
  • 1982 Daily Park Opening Version